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Breed description, rewiev, Standard, main characteristics The Rottweiler

About the breed Breed Standard Description


The Rottweiler is considered to be one of the oldest dog breeds. Its origin goes back to Roman times. These dogs were kept as herder or driving dogs.


The Rottweiler is a medium to large size, stalwart dog, neither heavy nor light and neither leggy nor weedy.

Teeth & Eyes

Upper and lower jaw strong and broad. Strong complete dentition (42 teeth) with scissor bite, the upper incisors closely overlapping the lower incisors.


The Rottweiler has hard physical capacity. As a work-dog the rottweiler going to be spoiled in the lack of challenge.

Children and Rottweiler

Motto: The dog is not a toy, but is fun to play with! The main goal is the mutual fun and learning for both children an puppy as well.

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Breeders & members

Our Judges

Our Judges

Istvánné Forgács FCI working judge
István Mogyorósi FCI working judge



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